SUMMER SERIES // Strawberry and Rhubarb Crumble

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the first post in my new summer series. With summer now fully underway I've decided to create a little series revolving around summer. The first post in this series, as you can tell by the title, is how to make a Strawberry and Rhubarb crumble. It's super easy and quick to do and tastes delicious so enjoy!

We've been growing rhubarb in our garden for a few months now so I was excited when it was finally time to pick some and start baking with it!

I finally landed on the Strawberry and Rhubarb Crumble recipe that I found on the internet (here) and thought I'd give it ago

After pre-heating the oven to 200°c, you then chop the rhubarb and cook it (I cooked it on the hob for around 15 mins). After these 15 mins, you then add halved strawberries and cook for a further 5 mins or until the strawberries start to become soft

You then want to sift the flour and sugar (I didn't end up using ground almonds because I don't like it haha) and mix together. To this, you add the butter and rub together until it creates crumbs

To assemble the crumble, just spoon the strawberry and rhubarb mixture into the bottom of a tin or dish and simple sprinkle the crumble mix over all of the mixture

You then want to bake this for around 20 mins or until the top of the crumble looks golden!

To accompany the crumble, I also decided to make a (almost) homemade Strawberry and Raspberry Ice Cream which is the easiest thing in the world to make! (If you cheat like I did)

All you do is put some vanilla ice cream, chopped up strawberries and some raspberries in a blender and blend until smooth and all the lumps are gone. You then want to freeze this for a few hours until the mixture goes hard and there you go!

This is the final product! I'm very proud of how it turned out. Although not the most aesthetically pleasing thing to cook (although it does have a lovely pink colour to it) it tastes amazing and smells so good too. If you do end up trying it out then tag me on Instagram (@sian_emma_)!


  1. Looks awesome! I love crumbles with ice cream and vanilla sauce.

  2. Looks so delicious and i love strawberries. I might give it a try if i find rhubarb.

  3. Rhubarb is definitely my favourite summer- like foodie!!! Right now I am enjoying a delicious yummy rhubarb porridge! Definitely , I will try your recipe!!!

  4. I never liked rhubarb, however strawberry crumbled would be delicious! (I'm boring and only had apple or mixed fruit crumble before)

  5. This looks so yummy... Perfect for summer.

  6. That looks so yummy! Always looking for summer foods! I wish I was a baker, I tend to fail on my projects alot. Maybe I'll give this a try and give baking a shot again!

  7. OMG this looks SOOOO good! Sending this to my boyfriend stat.

    PS - I love the red strawberries you drew in your notebook! What a nice touch!

  8. That looks so delicious!! Would love to make it at home. I love strawberries so much!


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